24/7 Culture and the importance of being ‘on’ at all times in this fast-paced world

27 Dec 2019

Written by Alice Smithson

The demand to be ‘always on’ is greater than ever and as consumers, we want everything to be available at our fingertips in an instant. As businesses in the treatment sector this is something we must keep up with or we risk being left behind at a crucial time. Moving into not only a new year, but also a new decade has highlighted this even further and iSalon are proud to announce the latest in customer service and software management with new 24/7 support via a brand new online chatbot.


Consumers often visit your website out of working hours and can therefore be left frustrated if they are unable to obtain the support they were looking for. iSalon's latest innovation will greatly reduce this inconvenience and all iSalon customers will be able to quickly and easily interact with an online chatbot. This bot will have the ability to respond to common issues and hopefully resolve them in a timely manner.


Should the bot be unable to resolve the issue logged by the customer, it will proceed to register a ‘ticket’ for the customer and this will then be flagged for the attention of one of the iSalon team first thing in the morning. This latest update will provide customers with a much more efficient help process and ensure as seamless a user experience as possible.

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